Emily Reo One Eye On The Sky



In her first release since 2019's "massive and far-reaching" album, Only You Can See It, Emily Reo returns with a new single, "One Eye On The Sky." "I wrote OEOTS after a recent visit to Florida which is where I grew up,” says Reo. “I left about 10 years ago and each time I've visited since I feel a stronger pull to move back. I live in a place that I recognize is a terrible fit for me, but the people I love are here and I've built a life around them. During my last visit I conclusively made the decision to move back to Florida and prioritize my wellbeing, but since returning home [to New York] that feels less and less possible. This song is ultimately about trying to determine if being lonely in the perfect environment or having companionship in a place that makes me feel unwell would make me happier, and whether or not I'll ever be able to find the right balance."

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1. One Eye On The Sky