Heaven The Dude Waiting For A Check (feat. Fat Tony and Dent May)


September 23rd, 2019

"Slacker anthem for the freelancers of the world"

I wrote this hook while I was kinda broke and some checks from a couple of TV syncs were taking a really long time to get to me. The hook immediately reminded me of Dent and Tony (who had never met before) so I hit them up to help me flush it out. I wanted to put Tony on a rap verse in the song because we have a history of mixing rap with other genres, in this case, some like, easy listening type stuff? We ended up using all of our voices for the singing parts. That's Tony taking the low notes at the beginning; it sounds really funny but quite pleasing to the ear. - Heaven The Dude

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1. Waiting For A Check (feat. Fat Tony and Dent May)