Excepter Black Beach


October 19th, 2009

Come to a beach party … Excepter-style! The Black Beach soundtrack LP features a DVD of the motion picture of the same name — Black Beach shot by Harrison Owen of the open-air performances conducted by Excepter in Big Sur during its 2008 West Coast tour. Bonus video footage includes the full show of Excepter at The Echo in Los Angeles and other surprises.

Here, at the literal End of the West ... Watch as Excepter descends the great stair down to Sand Dollar beach, armed only with a flute and a small bag of percussion. Listen as Excepter walks on Morro Bay to the dread beat of the setting Sun. See Excepter dressed head-to-toe in black in the noon-day heat on a nudist beach (Parental Guidance Suggested). Feel the hostile surf continuously lash the last soundclash.

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1. Sand Dollar
2. Castle Morro
3. Pismo Pool
4. The Black Beach