Takagi Masakatsu World Is So Beautiful


Nov 14th, 2006

World Is So Beautiful is Japanese multimedia artist Takagi Masakatsu’s blessing to the world. Using his travels around the world (Turkey, Guatamala, Cuba, Indonesia, Nepal, Germany, Japan and France) as source footage, Takagi has documented young people and the beauty in everyday life that surrounds us all.

Takagi Masakatsu doesn’t create, as much as bring out what’s already right there in front of us. The latent colors in a late afternoon day are enhanced and saturated in Takagi’s digital palette. The sounds of laughter mixed with Takagi’s gentle piano lines highlight the uniqueness of every moment creating a sonic and visual kaleidoscope.

Takagi records what we take for granted and makes it special. His gift is endowing humanity with beauty and hope when we need it most.

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